Improper use of equipment may cause serious injury. Users are responsible to read and follow instructions and manuals below:

All Pilates equipment should be used under the supervision of a trained professional. 

Consult a physician before starting any Pilates workout. 

Do not use if equipment appears damaged.


Failure to read and comply with all requirements and warnings when using this equipment can result in serious injury. Due to the unpredictable nature of circumstances and conditions that may arise while using the equipment, Lux and Miles makes no representations regarding the safety of all their Pilates equipment under all conditions. The use of any exercise equipment carries inherent risks that cannot be entirely predicted or prevented, and it is the user's responsibility to assume such risks. Adequate caution and care must be exercised while using any exercise equipment, particularly when dealing with spring resistance. To ensure safe and proper use, Lux and Miles equipment should only be operated under the supervision of a qualified professional.


Assembly Instructions

Download Reformer GX MAX Assembly Instructions

Download Reformer APX Assembly Instructions

Download Reformer Full Trapeze CLX Assembly Instructions

Download Reformer Trapeze Combination CLX+ Assembly Instructions

Download Reformer Half Trapeze GLS Assembly Instructions

Download Cadillac GX Classic Assembly Instructions

Download Ladder Barrel GX Classic Assembly Insturctions


Owner's Manual

Download Reformer GX Classic Owner's Manual

Download Reformer Cadillac Combination CLX Plus Owner's Manual

Download Wunda Chair GX Classic Owner's Manual

Download Cadillac GX Classic Owner's Manual