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  • [Discount] Premium Home & Studio Reformer APX
    [Discount] Premium Home & Studio Reformer APX
    [Discount] Premium Home & Studio Reformer APX
    [Discount] Premium Home & Studio Reformer APX
    [Discount] Premium Home & Studio Reformer APX

    [Discount] Premium Home & Studio Reformer APX

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    • 1 x Reformer APX
    • 1 x Lux & Miles Jump Board
    • 1 x Lux & Miles Sitting Box


    Spotlight Features:

    Angle-Adjustable Footbar: The Reformer APX has a curved footbar that is adjustable to 5 different angles! 

    Amazing deal!: A Sitting Box and a Jump Board are included for FREE!

    Functional Springs: The Reformer APX is equipped with 5 color-coded tension springs (2 x Red, 2 x Yellow, 1 x Green) that can be hung around 2 levels each. 




    • 304 stainless steel is used for the springs and the footbar for extra strength and stability.
    • The Reformer APX has aluminium-magnesium alloy rails with 11 carriage stoppers equipped. 
    • Anti-stain and skin-friendly PU-grade artificial leather filled with high-density sponges are used in the headrest, shoulder rest, carriage, and front frame of the Reformer.


    • 5 Colour-coded quality Korean tension springs (2 Red, 1 Green, 2 Yellow) with varying intensities are equipped to deliver functionality and comfort. 
    • A curved footbar adjustable to 5 different angles perfectly accommodates your physique and your desired workout regimen.

    • The length of the straps of this Reformer can be adjusted easily. Just pull the straps from underneath!
    • Padded Headrests with 3-gear adjustability and Shoulder Rests are equipped in Reformer APX. 
    • Sliding Footbar is equipped!

      Sitting Box and Jumping Board are included!





      Item Name:                             Reformer APX

      Frame Material:                      aluminium alloy 

      Item Height:                            28 cm 

      Item Width:                             62 cm 

      Item Length:                           241 cm 

      Packaging Type:                     Wooden Case

      Packaging Size:                       247*67*49cm 

      Item Weight:                           83kg

      Item + Packaging Weight:     110kg (243 Ibs) 


      MAX Holding WEIGHT:           160 kg (up to 180 kg)



      1-year limited warranty on wear and tear items, such as loops, plastic pulley bars, wheels, straps, footbar covering, and spring covers

      1-year warranty on the components of the wooden components
      1-year warranty on aluminium rails and components of the metal frame
      Limited lifetime warranty on all other components
      90-day limited warranty on fabric and upholstery