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*Best Home Gym Equipment* Ladder Barrel GX Classic

*Best Home Gym Equipment* Ladder Barrel GX Classic

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The Ladder Barrel GX Classic offers maximum comfort when performing stretching, strengthening, and flexibility exercises. This firm but elegant ladder barrel features a steel frame which gives great stability and durability. The ladder rungs also provide comfort and safety. In addition, the beautiful oak-wood frames of this ladder barrel deliver a stunning visual effect as well as enhanced durability.

The Ladder Barrel GX Classic is packed with numerous premium elements that serve to give you the ultimate Ladder Barrel experience. These include the Base-Sliding System, a full-satin finish, and much more. Explore more of these elements in the Features section!



Spotlight Features


Oak Wood Frames: Ladder Barrel GX Classic is built with oak for enhanced elegance and stability.  


Sliding Base system: This prized Ladder Barrel is also equipped with an easy-to-use Sliding Base system that enables you to customize the distance between the ladder rungs to the barrel. To activate this mechanism, simply loosen the two fastening points that hold the ladder and the barrel tightly in place, and proceed to slide the ladder however much you want! 



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All Features

Hardware, Frame, Leather:

  •  Canadian Oak is used to build the frame for enhanced elegance and durability. 

  • The Oak Frames of the Ladder Barrel are coated with a lustrous satin finish for the machine's sleek appearance.

  • Anti-stain and skin-friendly PU-grade artificial leather filled with highly elastic sponges are used in making the ladder mat and the barrel mat of the ladder barrel.  
  • All corners and edges of the ladder barrel are fully hand-sanded and rounded to guarantee your safety and comfort.


Functional Elements:

  • Five ladder rungs are built in the ladder to accommodate different physiques and exercises.
  • One reinforcement Oak bar is present in the base of the ladder barrel to help the equipment withstand frequent and intense usage.
  • The Ladder Barrel GX Classic is equipped with an easy-to-use Sliding Base system that accommodates your physique and exercise requirements.
  • Multi-laminated side panels and the base are present to give the ladder barrel a sleek appearance.



Product Name:                       Ladder Barrel GX Classic

Frame Material:                      Oak Wood 

Item Height:                            110 cm 

Item Width:                             68.5 cm 

Item Length:                            127.5 cm 

Item Weight:                           42 kg (93 Ibs)

Packaging Type:                      Wooden Case

Packaging Size:                       122*64*55 cm

Item + Packaging Weight:      65 kg (143 Ibs)



 The Ladder Barrel GX Classic as exhibited in the RTL Showroom. Photo by RTL (Return To Life Center in Manhattan 19 W 45th street, New York, NY 10035  More information on our showroom:





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