Is Pilates good for you? - A match made in heaven, or a one time experience

Is Pilates good for you? - A match made in heaven, or a one time experience


Pilates is for everyone. The exercise is designed to suit people of all generations, ages, and genders. Pilates might prove to be a total life-changer, or it might just end up being an interesting one time experience.
The list below attempts to give you an insight into how Pilates might fit into your life. 


If you are recovering, Pilates is a must!


If you are worried about losing your physique while recovering from a physical injury, starting Pilates is a must. In fact, the very reason why Pilates was invented was to rehabilitate injured soldiers on World War 1!
As it is a low-impact exercise, Pilates helps you improve your flexibility, posture, muscle tone without exacerbating your injury.


 Pilates can significantly contribute in maintaining your physique while you are recovering!

If you are pregnant, Pilates is a must!


Pilates takes care of you and your baby. Pilates is a low-impact exercise that does not integrate sudden movements. Therefore, a Pilates workout will not deliver any shock to the baby, if done properly in a supervised environment. In addition, as the movements in Pilates are very easy to modify, especially around your belly, you can engage in a workout without actually putting your baby at risk.
However, always make sure that you do not overexert yourself in high-intensity workouts, as this might bring with it a risk of miscarriage.  

Pilates is a must if you are pregnant!

 Always take it easy when you are engaging in Reformer exercises in pregnancy.

If you want to grow taller, Pilates is a 'should'!


There is no exercise better than Pilates if you want to reach the full potential of your height as a teen. As Pilates helps you with flexibility and muscle development, the exercise will help you reach the full potential of your height.
Even if you have finished your growth spurt, Pilates can still help you reach your desired height. Although Pilates cannot literally make you grow taller, it may help you gain that extra few centimeters through correcting your posture and thus straightening your spine.


If you want to lose weight fast or gain muscles quickly, you may or may not want to start Pilates.

Pilates is a workout designed to shape your body in a comprehensive way, so it naturally does not specialize on fat loss and muscle gain. In fact, the most you can expect is a lean muscle development and minimal weight loss from a Pilates workout. The key to short-term body-building lies in a mixture of gym workouts and cardio exercises, not Pilates. However, if you are still interested in the positive effects of Pilates, you can incorporate Pilates along with your workout routine to sculpt the best possible physique.
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